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I’ve never done Barre before, is it suitable for beginners?

Yes our beginners workout focuses on the Barre technique which will improve your posture and strength, leaving you feeling good to move on to our range of Barre classes. We are a kind and supportive community so always feel free to ask for help at any time or ask questions. 

I’m not co-ordinated or flexible 

There is no  flexibility or dance experience needed, we have modifications on all exercises to help you go at your own pace and you’ll be feeling more flexible after just a few classes. Our Stretch and Savasana classes will help you too.

What equipment do I need 

Please bring your own Yoga/ Pilates mat, we provide all Barres, weights, balls and bands. For online workouts we suggest using a high backed chair and all other equipment can be purchased at our shop or can be substituted using things out your cupboards water bottles/ cans whatever you can see!

Cancelling a class 

If you need to cancel a class, please cancel at least 12 hours before. Any cancellations or no shows will still be charged.

What do I do if I’m injured 

Please make sure you have consulted a doctor and/or physio, that way you will know how long you need to recover. Tell your instructor before class and listen out for exercise modifications or replacements. Don’t ever push yourself or feel uncomfortable or in pain, classes are about nourishing the body, so either stop, go in to childs pose or take the modification.

Late comers

We know life is busy and stressful, if you are late for class all that we ask is that you respect the rest of the class and sneak in so that we don’t disrupt the session. If you have missed the warm up take a few mins to stretch out, take a few breaths for yourself and  then join in.

I’m having trouble making a payment. Please consider and check: 

  • Your card may have expired 

  • Your bank may have declined the transaction, please give them a call to check in

Can I bring my children or dog?


Unfortunately we can’t welcome children or dogs to our spaces. However, if they are over 16 years of age, they are welcome to join in the class as a client.


I’m pregnant. Can I join class?

We recommend going easy on yourself and avoiding class In your first trimester.

Yes come and join us and please let us know before class. Your instructor  will give you appropriate modifications.

Continue to be gentle and kind to your body after your first trimester, avoiding doing poses that twist the body and compress the belly and if you feel any discomfort or pain stop and rest to connect with your breathing.

Look out for our pre and post natal classes coming soon!

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