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meet katie!

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I lived in Sydney with co-founder (and husband) Ryan for three years where wellness was part of our everyday, from classes on the beach to hiking at weekends, it helped us set up and learn a flexible wellness routine that worked for us. I find exercise so powerful, it has got me through some of my lowest moments, a variety of fitness is key for me and I know it always helps release anxiety and leaves me feeling good.


We believe in working outdoors, connecting with the Ocean and green spaces whenever possible to help restore the mind and body. 

Our background is in Event Production and has allowed us to create unique experiences across the world from beautiful Dinners on the Riviera, to festivals and retreats in Sydney, London and France. Working with creative, foodie and music experts has inspired us to  create beautiful  wellness  experiences and spaces that offer variety for fun workouts.

When stepping into our spaces I want you to feel supported by guiding you through the small controlled movements that target the muscle to lengthen, sculpt and strengthen. I love to see our community enjoying working out together, laughing through the Barre Burn shakes for ‘just 5 more pulses’.

As a Barre Instructor, I encourage daily check in of how the body feels and all of our classes offer modifications that can be made to suit how you feel or any injuries, trust me you’ll still be working hard!

Wherever you are on your wellness journey, I want you to leave feeling empowered and confident. 

Welcome to Barre Set, Katie x

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