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Join us at our new space at Sea Lanes 

RE SET by the sea

Sculpt, align and strengthen the mind and body with a set of Pilates, Barre and strength training classes designed to leave you feeling stronger, confident and more flexible.


 Energise with the power of the sea view at our beautiful Sea Lanes space with our inclusive, empowering wellness community 

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Join our wonderful community at Sea lanes for fun fitness workouts together


Book a workout with your besties with a Private Session to focus on your goals and move together 


Katie will design a bespoke Personal Training programme to suit your needs and help you meet your goals, or why not workout with friends



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Our Pilates, Barre and Strength classes are a chance to escape into a flow that moves you away from the stresses of your day and reconnects you with your body.

The Barre practice is a Low impact, high intensity full body workout that includes holding, pulsing and stretching to elongate and sculpt, creating lean muscle, flexibility and strength. Clients notice change in their form within just a few weeks, inspiring commitment to invest in time for yourself.

Choose from a variety of Class styles, from Barre, Pilates, Strength training and Circuits, as well as Stretch and Savasana to help you find balance in your week. 

Our community values inclusivity and kindness, supporting and empowering each other to feel confident and happy.


meet katie!

Hi I’m Katie, Co-founder and lead trainer of Barre Set.  I am so excited to train together and share the Barre experience with you!


Introducing Barre to my practice has made me feel the best I have ever felt, the low impact, high intensity movements have improved my  flexibility, posture and strength, as well as really benefiting my mental health. 

I’ve learnt to listen to what my body needs, whether it’s a 10 minute stretch or 45 minute Barre session, it’s time to get into the flow and set up my day.


My clients tell me that its not just the transformational results that they see physically, but also the dedicated time to focus on themselves and switch off from the world.


As an instructor I love guiding clients getting them into that mindful flow, focusing on technique, fun challenges and connecting with the body to feel empowered.

Lauren, PT Client

Katie really listened to my goals and has supported me through my PT programme. The convenience of working out at home saves me time and I really enjoy not rushing, Katie has taught me that this time is for me.


Ella, PT client 

I was shocked at how quickly Barre changed my body, in the first month I felt toned and more confident. I now challenge myself in each class knowing that I'm getting stronger and leaner. 

Louise, Group Class Client

When I realised Barre has more of a Pilates feel with Ballet stretches I could see that I didn't have to be flexible to join the class. Katie explains that the focus is on building flexibility and strength to feel stronger with plenty of stretching throughout. It's a welcoming class!


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